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ACTION POKER is a world class poker room that has stood the test of time, having been online and operating since 1999, they where one of the first online poker sites and as such have a wealth of experience in providing players with the very best service, payouts, games and tournaments.

Fairness, transparency and integrity are keywords and they are fully licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission who insist on ensuring that all player details and online transactions are processed securely and accurately.

The software that powers ACTION POKER is state of the art and is licensed from the Action Poker Network. who have been developing their software with playability and ease of use in mind. Fair and fun games are guaranteed at ACTION POKER and this is why their poker room is always full of satisfied poker players.

The poker games that are available at ACTION POKER are:

Texas Hold’em – The most popular game and is available in No Limit and Pot Limit versions

Omaha & Omaha Hi/Lo – This variety of poker can provide for some exciting games as you have a better chance of make bigger hands than playing Texas Hold’em

7 Card Stud & 7 Hi/Lo – These popular games have now made it online after having been played in homes up and down the land for years.

Guts Poker- When playing Guts Poker at ACTION POKER, players first ante and are then dealt 3 cards. Each player then has two decisions to make, stay in or fold. If you stay the winning poker hand takes the pot. All losing hands however must match the pot as their next ante, which makes for an interesting game.

There is another variation of Guts Poker called Survivor, in this version the lowest losing hand must match the final pot as his/her next ante.

ACTION POKER also offers players the game of Chinese Poker, this game allows you to play multiple hands at the same table. The aim is to make three simultaneous hands, then you can battle with your opponents.

Big 2 Poker at ACTION POKER has arrived and this game is really taking off, your aim is to lose cards as quickly as possible see the ACTION POKER website for full game rules, we think you will love it.

Should you fancy a break from the busy poker tables you can now play Blackjack from within the ACTION POKER software, unwind and relax by playing a few hands.

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