Being dealt statistics – Flop

The flop has arrived and you now stare at the cards on offer and the one thing that should be going through your mind is what are the true odds of me receiving this hand and is it worth playing on or bailing out, so below are the probabilities of you receiving certain hands/cards:

If you hold a pocket pairs you will need to know the odds of getting 3 of a kind or quads amazingly this is a mere 11.8% which is very useful to know and you should use this information accordingly.

Ok if you are holding two non paired cards the odds probability of you getting a pair on the flop is a whopping 32.4% and make sure you checkout or hand ranking section for more information on pairs.

If you are holding two cards that are suited the probability of making a flush on the flop is 0.84% which is worth bearing in mind especially should you be holding a high card flush. A flush draw being flopped if you have two suited cards is 11%.

When you have a good understanding of being dealt statistics both flop and pre flop take time to digest the information and always try to focus on just one specific game it is preferable to be a master of one than a novice of many.

A common mistake is for players to try all the different varieties of poker and they often end up understanding neither probabilities nor strategies. Take your time you can only become a better poker player by experience and always learn from your online poker mistakes.

Another tip for all pokers players is keep monitoring your opponents, novice players often become to obsessed with their own hand and by not watching how those sat around the table are playing can cost you dear.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the odds and probability of poker:

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