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Sportsbook Poker Review is of course a household name when it comes to a certain type of online gaming, but at the same time is not really well known for its online poker work. Nevertheless, Sportsbook Poker has managed to become a network partner within the Cake Poker Network and has managed to ride that partnership to some very decent numbers across the board.

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Cash Game Choice 7.5/10 Support Options 8.5/10
Cash Game Traffic 7.5/10 Financial Security 9.5/10
Cash Game Competition 8.0/10 Deposit and Withdrawal Choices 8.5/10
Rake Costs 8.5/10 Overall 8.2/10

Cash Game Choice – (7.5/10)

The choice that you get when it comes to cash games on Sportsbook Poker is not particularly impressive. Generally speaking, you can count on the big three variant groups being available. All of the games related to Hold ‘Em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud (including hi/lo variants) will be supported on the software package used by Sportsbook Poker.

Cash Game Traffic – (7.5/10)

Sportsbook Poker shares traffic with all of the other members of the Cake Poker Network. For that reason, it is part of a network that has decent traffic statistics for a midlevel website. There is always room for improvement on that however, but relative to most other networks the traffic numbers are pretty decent. You can expect an average of 1500 to 2000 players in cash games with about 80% of those players engaged in Hold ‘Em activity. The rest will be located primarily within Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo although you can see Seven Card Stud players from time to time.

Cash Game Competition – (8.0/10)

The competition that you’ll receive from people at Sportsbook Poker is consistent with the level of competition that you’d expect from a midlevel network such as the Cake Poker Network. That means that you’ll have softer competition at the bottom and tougher competition at the top. This is better than average for softness, but it does mean that you won’t be able to go up through the levels unless you’re really ready to face what is waiting for you up top.


Rake Costs – (8.5/10)

The rake structure that you’ll see from Sportsbook Poker is a structure that most of the time will be competitive with the rest of the market. However, in games with stakes at $100/$200 or above, you can quite easily expect to find hands raked at $5 maxes rather than the $3 max that is typical within the industry. Even though this affects less than 1% of the people that will read this review, it is still worth pointing out in the interests of making a comprehensive review.


Support Options – (8.5/10)

Sportsbook Poker has a total of four support options available to you when you decide to play on their website. The first is a comprehensive FAQ document that you can use to find answers to literally hundreds of different questions.

The second is e-mail support which can be accessed by sending an e-mail to If you have money-specific inquiries that you’d like to escalate to a different department, is also an option. That being said, the majority of questions should be addressed to the first e-mail.

The third option you have available is phone support. This is available toll-free within North America at 1-800-632-6088. It is also available with long distance charges internationally at +506-2282-1004.

Finally, the last option that you have available is live chat support. Just click on the appropriate button in the help section of the Sportsbook Poker website and the live chat support will be made available to you.

Financial Security – (9.5/10)

Sportsbook Poker is protected by the financial security excellence of the Cake Poker Network. For that reason, you can easily expect that there will be nothing there for criminals to take advantage of. With years of operation under their belt and no major incidents, Sportsbook Poker is definitely trustworthy.


Deposit and Withdrawal Choices – (8.5/10)

The following deposit methods are available at Sportsbook Poker:

Cash Transfer
Use My Wallet

The following withdrawal methods are available at Sportsbook Poker:

Cash Transfer
Check By Mail

Overall – (8.2/10)

Sportsbook Poker does not necessarily have the same level of excellence going for it as some of the other members of the Cake Poker Network. That being said, this is a very impressive foray into the world of online poker for an organization that is not really known for being good outside of the world of online sportsbook betting.

That being said, there are some areas in which Sportsbook Poker could improve. Accepting more banking options and helping the Cake Poker Network increase its traffic would be two places to start.