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$50k Guaranteed

Reefer Poker has just introduced a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool tournament. This means that no matter how many people actually make it into the tournament, the prize pool will be worth at least $50,000. Of course, if enough people register, the prize pool could be worth more than that, but in the grand scheme of things the $50,000 guaranteed prize pool tournament is one that will provide you with the chance to win some serious cash.

Bonuses Info. Summary
Sign-Up Bonus In $1420
Deposit Bonus In 150%
Bonus Expiration Time Varies
Bonus Code Not Required
Clearing Requirement



It happens during the last Sunday of every month at Reefer Poker and you can either buy-in directly to the tournament or you can attempt to get in cheaper through winning one of the satellite tournaments leading up to the $50k guaranteed.


Bounty Tournaments
Another popular tournament form on Reefer Poker is the bounty tournament. This is a regular tournament in which certain players have bounties on their heads. Knock that player out of the tournament and you’ll get a certain amount of money for doing so.

Freeroll Tournaments
There are many freeroll tournaments available to players at Reefer Poker. In addition to the one for new depositors, Reefer Poker usually gives away more than $20,000 in prize money every single month in freeroll money. When you add to that the tournaments that you can get into for free every month through the use of your VIP points, it is definitely possible for you to win thousands of dollars a month just through playing different freeroll tournaments.


Promotional Tournaments
From time to time, Reefer Poker will offer different promotional tournaments. These tournaments are in place to act either as promotions for larger events on Reefer Poker or as promotions for larger land-based events that you could potentially take advantage of. If you win a promotional tournament for a land-based event, the package that you receive will usually include money for travel and accommodation as well as the entry fee for the offline tournament.

Other Tournaments
In addition to all of these special tournaments, Reefer Poker has all of the normal tournaments as well. Everything from the single table sit and go tournament to the scheduled events accommodating thousands of people is available at Reefer Poker.