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PokerTime Review

Poker Time has been around for years and years. In fact, it was one of the first websites to really pioneer the idea of the large poker bonuses. Even before it was fashionable to do so, Poker Time was giving its players the chance to score some big money on a regular basis. Now, Poker Time has become one of the best websites around for this type of online poker gaming action.

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Cash Game Choice 8.5/10 Support Options 8.5/10
Cash Game Traffic 8.5/10 Financial Security 9.5/10
Cash Game Competition 8.0/10 Deposit and Withdrawal Choices 9.5/10
Rake Costs 8.5/10 Overall 8.7/10

Cash Game Choice – (8.5/10)

The cash game choice that you get from Poker Time is actually pretty good relative to the marketplace. You get four of the big five games at the cash game tables. You can play Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud. Unfortunately, Poker Time does not offer support for Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. That being said, they do offer support for the following uncommon poker variants:

5 Card Draw
5 Card Stud

In the end, this actually gives them a larger net to cast on people that are interested in playing at Poker Time. The lack of Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo facilities is regrettable, but most people would agree that the lack of those facilities is more than made up for by the presence of these three uncommon cash game variants.

Cash Game Traffic – (8.5/10)

Microgaming is the perfect example of the slow and steady philosophy of cash game traffic build up. Over the course of the many years that the Microgaming Network has existed, traffic numbers have slowly started to build. The modern Microgaming Network can boast an average of 1500 to 2000 cash players on the server during a typical run. That is an average that breaks down according to the following lines:

1400 to 1800 playing Hold ‘Em
75 to 150 playing Omaha
15 to 30 playing Omaha Hi/Lo
10 to 20 playing the other variants

Those are not great traffic numbers for the cash game section of Poker Time, but at the same time they are not bad numbers either. Poker Time is decidedly a middle tier website as a member of the Microgaming Network.

Cash Game Competition – (8.0/10)

The cash game competition at Poker Time is actually relatively fierce. Even at the lower levels you are going to be facing rock gardens more than fish pools. While rock gardens can be defeated with a relative amount of ease, you do need to know what you are doing in order to get that done. That makes the cash game competition a bit tougher at Poker Time, but still something that a decent player can destroy.


Rake Costs – (8.5/10)

The rake costs at Poker Time are pretty much average relative to the online poker industry. Nowadays, poker sites are smart enough to understand that their customers are relatively savvy. For that reason, they are also smart enough to know that if they stray too far from the line that is considered average, they’ll lose customer support as a result.


Support Options – (8.5/10)

Poker Time has three major options available for you in support. The support is also offered across six different languages and it starts with the FAQ documentation that is available on the Poker Time website. You can also use the support section of the website to take a virtual tour of the software, familiarizing yourself with how it works before you ever have to download it.

If you’d like something that has a real person at the other end, you can certainly take a look at the e-mail support that Poker Time offers. They offer general support, marketing support, webmaster support, complaints support and support for enquiries that have been unresolved. The e-mail forms for all of those things are available directly on the Poker Time website.

Finally, Poker Time also offers telephone support. They have toll-free numbers available around the clock for North America, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain and Norway.

Financial Security – (9.5/10)

Microgaming is beyond reproach when it comes to financial security. With all of their online gambling experience, they have one of the most if not the most secure online financial server in existence.


Deposit and Withdrawal Choices – (9.5/10)

For deposit, you can use the following:

Credit Card
ECO Card
Direct Bank Transfer

For withdrawal, you can use the following:

ECO Card
Direct Bank Transfer
Check By Mail

Overall – (8.7/10)

Poker Time has a lot going for it. The only place where it falters a bit is in the traffic numbers. If it ever managed to double those traffic numbers, it would be one of the top echelon online poker sites.