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First Time Freeroll

No online poker website is complete these days without some sort of first time promotional tournament. At least, that is what it seems like when you take a look at what all of the online poker sites seem to offer. Poker Time has a freeroll available to first time depositors. Once you make your deposit, you can expect to get invited to the tournament in the e-mail. Keep your eyes peeled for instructions on how to register for the tournament that has a $250 prize pool and a payout structure that gives cash to the first 40 places within the tournament at large.

Bonuses Info. Summary
Sign-Up Bonus In $500
Deposit Bonus In 100%
Bonus Expiration Time Varies
Bonus Code Not Required
Clearing Requirement


Poker Time Survivor

Poker Time has one of the most interesting new tournament formats available. It is modeled after the reality television voting format where people that receive the lowest amount of votes end up being eliminated from consideration. In this case, your chip stack counts as your vote. This means that in addition to getting eliminated when all your chips are gone, you can get eliminated at the end of a round when time runs out for having one of the lower stacks in the room. This prevents people from just trying to last into the money and forces the action at a level that action junkies will really appreciate.

The Bounty

Poker Time is a big fan of bounty tournaments, a fact that has come home time and time again in the great bounty promotions that they put on the air. The bounty tournaments have specified bounty amounts that you receive for knocking specific players out of the tournament. The bounty is therefore something that you know about before going into the tournament and something that you can collect for a job well done.


Another thing that Poker Time really likes is freeroll tournaments. Once you have completed that first time freeroll, you can start to take a look at some of the other freeroll tournaments that are available. Poker Time has everything that you could possibly need in that vein and for that reason you should definitely check out all of the free prizes that are up for grabs in various Poker Time freeroll tournaments.