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Pkr Poker Review

If there is one website in the world of online poker that is extremely difficult to rate with any kind of fairness, PKR would have to be that website. When you take a look at the operation, you’d be hard-pressed to see anything aside from the utmost in potential. The traffic numbers are nowhere near where they could be however and for that reason a fair review does have to give this site a rating that is somewhat lower than where most people think it would be.

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Cash Game Choice 7.0/10 Support Options 8.0/10
Cash Game Traffic 7.0/10 Financial Security 9.5/10
Cash Game Competition 9.0/10 Deposit and Withdrawal Choices 8.0/10
Rake Costs 9.0/10 Overall 8.3/10

Cash Game Choice – (7.0/10)

The cash game choice that you receive at PKR Poker is not really that impressive. In fact, when you take a close look at the games that are available, what you’ll notice is that for the most part you only have access to Hold ‘Em and Omaha variants. This site does not even host Seven Card Stud, a game with variants that are usually a given for just about any online website these days. The cash game choice is therefore not something for this site to be particularly proud of.


Cash Game Traffic – (7.0/10)

Cash game traffic is another area that PKR should not particularly be proud of. As of right now, the average night on PKR will see between 500 and 1000 players playing in cash games on this particular website. Of those people, fully 450 to 900 of them will be focused within the Hold ‘Em section of the cash game lobby. Almost all of the others will be playing Omaha with no more than 1-2 active tables present on average for Omaha Hi/Lo. The poor secondary gaming choices at PKR are a function of low cash game traffic, so one can expect that if the traffic picks up in the future the gaming choice will also improve.

Cash Game Competition – (9.0/10)

One piece of potential good news stemming from the PKR cash game traffic situation is that they seem to get a lot of people that join PKR because of the amazing 3D graphics that their software has. These people appear to have more interest in general extreme gaming than they do with playing good poker. The end result is a low limit competition that is a lot softer than you might expect from the poor traffic numbers that this site puts up.


Rake Costs – (9.0/10)

The rake structure that you’ll see from PKR is actually quite competitive with the rest of the market. They also do not have the extra charge to the higher limit games that some of the other sites try to put on. For that reason, there are many rake costs that you’d incur elsewhere that would not be present from a game played at PKR.


Support Options – (8.0/10)

Generally speaking, PKR has the three support methods that appear to work best within the realm of online poker. They have the knowledge base and extensive information network that appears on their website. They have e-mail support that you can access through the use of an e-mail form on the website. They have live chat support that allows you to click on a button on the website and instantly be speaking to a customer service representative through an instant messenger type window. These are the three best support options for any online site to have and that is why you’ll see PKR rated highly on the support side of things.

Financial Security – (9.5/10)

The best thing to say about PKR on financial security is that they have not had any major breaches of their security to date. This is not as weighty as it would be with other sites because PKR has not been around as long. They are also a much less tempting target than larger websites, so the system is both effective and still largely untested to date. Still, the lack of major incidents is something that should inspire confidence.


Deposit and Withdrawal Choices – (8.0/10)

The following deposit options are available:

Visa Delta
Visa Electron
Bank Transfer

Withdrawals will be credited back to the payment method used to make the deposit as long as the method does support withdrawal. This changes periodically, so the best thing to do is to check with a payment method before you use it in order to make sure that it does accept withdrawals from online gambling websites.

Overall – (8.3/10)

PKR Poker has a long way to go before it can be counted amongst the best poker sites in the business. It has gotten off to a strong start however and is definitely worth your business for that reason.