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Bodog Poker Freerolls and Tournaments

Weekly $100,000

Perhaps the highest profile tournament that Bodog has going on for regular people on a regular basis is the weekly 100k tournament. This tournament is important because it is a guaranteed prize pool tournament. This means that no matter how many people actually sign up for the tournament, there is a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000. The prize pool might be larger if more people sign up, but it will never go below that particular amount.

Bonuses Info. Summary
Sign-Up Bonus In $500
Deposit Bonus In 100%
Bonus Expiration Time Varies
Bonus Code Not Required
Clearing Requirement
600 player points/$5



This gives you a chance to win a five figure prize amount by winning or placing highest in the tournament. It takes places on Sundays and is a great way for you to get a large potential reward for relatively little risk to start.


15th Anniversary Celebration
Bodog is in the process of celebrating the 15th anniversary of its inception. This has made the entire staff excited and nostalgic about how things have gone for Bodog ever since the creation of the website. In order to help people get into the spirit of celebrating those accomplishments, Bodog has created some promotional tournaments around this particular theme.

The first of those tournaments is the freeroll 500 tournament. There are multiple instances of $500 freeroll tournaments available to people that are able to register for them on time. In order to find out exactly when and where the next one is, simply consult the lobby in your Bodog Poker setup. You can easily find the next $500 freeroll tournament and register for it when the time comes along.

Another promotional tournament that Bodog Poker currently has going is 15 Days of Poker. Over the course of 15 days starting on September 21, Bodog Poker will have qualifying events that you can get into for $15. Winning will get you a seat at the final freeroll with a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000 attached to it.


Bodog Fight Club
Every online poker site has their flagship tournament promotion and Bodog Poker is no different from the norm in this case. Every now and then, Bodog Fight Club will host qualifiers for events that take place around the world. If you win a qualifier, you’ll get a prize package that’ll get you to and from the tournament while at the same time giving you the money that you need in order to buy into the event.


Other Tournaments
These are just the special tournaments that Bodog Poker has going on. In addition to their special events, you can certainly expect them to show tournaments daily that are as good as what you’d get at other sites. Things like sit and go tournaments are available multiple times a day for the same game and there are multiple scheduled events taking place each day as well. The lobby is your one stop source of information when it comes to Bodog tournaments, so make sure that you visit it regularly in order to make sure that you don’t miss one of your favourite tournaments coming along.