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Aced Poker Freerolls and Tournaments

Weekly $1 Guaranteed

Perhaps the most interesting tournament that Aced Poker currently has to offer is their weekly guaranteed prize pool $1 tournament. In order to get into this tournament, you need to be one of the first 50 players to sign up for it and you need to pay $1 + $0.10 in buy-in plus registration costs. There is a guaranteed prize pool of $100 and since this tournament takes place every week on Saturday, you have a serious chance to build up your tournament bankroll right from the start of your stint on that website.

Bonuses Info. Summary
Sign-Up Bonus In $500
Deposit Bonus In 100%
Bonus Expiration Time Varies
Clearing Requirement


Pure Gamble Tournaments

Even though poker is a game of skill, ever now and then people just like to shove and see what happens. If you are someone that lives for the thrill of gambling your money in poker, the pure gamble tournaments that Aced Poker offers are absolutely what you want. Heads up tournaments are available for buy-ins ranging from $3.10 to $105 that automatically place both players all-in pre-flop on the first hand. Needless to say, the gamble is absolute in these particular tournaments.

In addition to the gamble that you get from these heads-up tournaments (known as Flipaments in the Aced Poker vernacular), you can also take a shot at six-person single table tournaments that also do the same thing. This gives you a relatively serious opportunity to increase your bankroll six-fold if you are lucky enough to win the tournament. These tournaments, known as Blitzkrieg tournaments, have the same all-in pre-flop on the first hand automation and are therefore also pure gamble tournaments.

Other Tournaments

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Aced Poker doesn’t have anything regular to offer. Whether you’re looking for sit and go tournaments or scheduled events, you’ll find a lot of them available at Aced Poker. Completely normal events are available, but so are guaranteed prize pool tournaments, shootout tournaments and satellite events that lead to even bigger prize amounts. There are even bounty tournaments where knocking out a particular player can land you more cash than actually placing in the prize money.