Pacific Poker Review



Pacific Poker Freerolls and Tournaments

Sit and Go Tournaments

Pacific Poker offers sit and go tournaments that run the gamut from relatively small to relatively large. You can go for the classic single table sit and go tournament or you can play in a tournament that has 10-seated tables and up to 5 different tables for a total of 50 players in the field of the tournament. The choice is completely yours, but keep in mind that the tournament will not start until all of the seats have been filled. That means that the larger the tournament field, the longer it will take for the tournament to actually start.

Bonuses Info. Summary
Sign-Up Bonus In $400
Deposit Bonus In 100%
Bonus Expiration Time Varies
Bonus Code Not Required
Clearing Requirement


Scheduled Tournaments
The scheduled tournaments that Pacific Poker has available are all tournaments that have a specific start time and date. Some of these might be single table tournaments, but most of them are multi-table tournaments. These are tournaments that have fields of hundreds or even thousands depending on the tournament. The scheduled tournaments are the heart and soul of what makes Pacific Poker’s tournament section what it is.

There are many different tournament types represented within the scheduled tournaments that Pacific Poker has available. For example, there are freezeout tournaments which are the normal tournaments that give you one stack of chips for your buy-in and kick you out of the tournament once you have lost that stack of chips.

People that are more interested in sticking around longer will probably prefer the rebuy tournaments that Pacific Poker has going. You can buy into the tournament multiple times, so the only person that actually has your chip stack over and done with is you when you decide that you don’t want to pay any more money.

More exotic formats for tournaments hosted on Pacific Poker include the shootout formats. Shootout tournaments see people advance to the next round of the tournament only once they have all of the chips at their table. It is the ultimate in winner-take-all battles and that is why many of the best tournament players in the world prefer testing their skills against others within this tournament format.